Psalm 91 Memory System



Psalm 91 Curriculum (created in 2011):

This curriculum guarantees memorization of the total 16 verses of Psalm 91 plus an in-depth study that unlocks the meaning of Psalm 91. The memory system (which are the flashcards and e-book) is suitable for children ages 4 to 12 years old. The comprehension system (which is the study guide, workbook, guided teaching cd and storybook) is suitable for children ages 8 to 12.

Studies reveal that many definitions that define our faith are not being broken down for a child to understand. Furthermore, Barna research group has interpreted that much of the meaning from scripture is going right over children’s heads. At HBI, we believe that it does not make sense to memorize scripture if children are not memorizing the vocabulary as well.

Our comprehension systems aim to do that. Your child will memorize vocabulary definitions taken right from the Hebrew. Words like deliver (natsal), salvation (yeshua), fowler (yaquwsh), snare (pach), buckler (Cocherah), refuge (chacah), etc. are important to learn to unlock the meaning of Psalm 91. Plus, you and your family will learn the four names of God that are revealed in the first two verses (Elyon/God Most High, El Shadday/God Almighty, Jehovah/My Lord and Elohiym/My God). In verse 14, the Lord promises that He will set you on high because you have known his name.

Psalm 91 is a powerful message about God stepping into our lives when we step on our own fierce and ungentle ways. Our sinful ways cause us to fall into five main traps laid out by the enemy according to Psalm 91:5-8. The trap of fear, the trap of the mental assault of negative thoughts that hit us daily, the trap of spiritual deafness to God’s Word, and the trap of a person’s oil of joy being pressed out in the best years of his/her life.

The biggest point you should walk away when you study Psalm 91 is the following: Whatever you do- make God your refuge (v.2 and 9)! If we run to God with all sincerity, the climax of the Psalm, found in verse 13, is exciting! You don’t want to miss out on this study because God saves the best promises for last. Also, you are able to pray this Psalm over your students/family because we have pre-written prayers, which are found on page 44 of the study guide. Our prayer is that your family not only memorize Psalm 91, but that Psalm 91 comes to life in your hearts.

The Psalm 91 curriculum comes with a coloring book/study guide, an e-book, a guided teaching cd, a workbook, flashcards, and a storybook. All pieces are included in the box with the recommended directions on how to use the system.

Please keep in mind that we can sell you the whole system for 20% off which is a $14 savings if you buy the whole curriculum.

The contents of the kit includes:
1. Psalm 91 Memory Flashcards
2. Psalm 91 Memory E-book
3. Psalm 91 Story Book
4. Psalm 91 Workbook/Coloring Book
5. Psalm 91 Study Guide (The workbook and study guide have to be bought together because they coincide with each other)
6. Guided Teaching CD