Psalm 91 Workbook




This workbook is to be used in conjunction with the Psalm 91 Storybook, the Psalm 91 Study Guide and the Guided Teaching CD. Please listen to the Guided Teaching CD and read along with the narration found in the Psalm 91 Study Guide. After each lesson open the student workbook and complete the activities. The activities will require journal entries in the Psalm 91 Journal. You will also need the flashcards, the E-book (compatible with Windows 7 and Windows XP) and the study guide to complete the activities in this book.

This workbook is designed to give each student a complete analysis of Psalm 91 through study of the Hebrew Language. It also is designed to prompt the student to use the other resources like the E-book and the flashcards to aid in complete memorization of Psalm 91. If the student can recite Psalm 91 without looking at a “cheat-sheet” at the conclusion of this course, then the material was used properly.