Self Confident Fool System



The Self-Confident Fool Curriculum Description:

There are five types of fools in the book of Proverbs, but God talks the most about the Keciyl fool, or the self-confident fool. It is definitely worth the time it takes to learn about this type of fool. Foolishness is a serious breach of etiquette before God and man and it leads to sin, shame, and disaster in a person’s life.

The world teaches to chase money for happiness, but the Bible teaches wisdom yields a much higher profit than gold. “Blessed are those who find wisdom, those who gain understanding, for she is more profitable than silver and yields better returns than gold.” Proverbs 3:13-14 Since wisdom is to be sought after more than gold or great riches, teaching these principles to our children is essential.

This curriculum guarantees memorization of 41 scriptures on what God considers wise and foolish behavior. This is an inter-curricular study, meaning Bible and vocabulary lessons are incorporated into the learning system. Therefore, the student will also memorize 150 vocabulary words that pertain to the scriptures.

Here are some of the lessons that will be learned from this study:

1. Fools suffer punishment, but wise people are rewarded.
2. Fools hide hatred and slander other people, but wise people forgive and avoid talking about other people.
3. Fools hate knowledge, but wise people are life-time learners. Wise people realize learning leads to knowledge; and knowledge leads to understanding;and understanding leads to wisdom.
4. Foolish people hang out with fools, but wise people hang out with others who will help them learn and grow.
5. A foolish child grieves his parents, but a wise child brings his parents much joy.
6. A foolish man vents his feelings and utters his whole mind, but a wise man holds his emotions back.

This information promotes character education as scriptures are memorized. Repetition of the memory system is crucial as the verses go into the subconscious, become locked there, and are literally bound to a child’s heart forever. There are over 40 lessons like the ones above that can be learned from this curriculum. This curriculum is a must for anyone who desires to raise children as majestic thoroughbreds for the Lord and not mere work horses!

Here is what you get if you purchase our curriculum:

1. Illustrated flashcards -$20
2. A work book/coloring book -$22
3. An e-book that runs on PowerPoint -$20
4. An evaluation packet (includes lesson plan and tests to evaluate vocabulary memorization) -$5

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