The Christmas Story System



What better way to prepare children for Christmas but to memorize the Christmas Story! The complete set includes the Christmas Story flashcards, the Christmas Story E-book, the full Christmas Story drama of Luke 2:1-21, and a tutorial DVD to learn the Christmas Story in sign language. The total cost of the set is $90 or $25 for each product sold separately.

This Christmas Story Trailer is a glimpse at a fantastic, high-quality production that can be easily done on a low-cost budget with any Christian youth and/or children’s group. It is a word-for-word reenactment of Luke 2:1-21. If you order the Christmas Story Complete Kit it comes with the Bible Memory flashcards,the Christmas Drama and the Sign-Language DVD. They can be purchased together on sale for $90. Order today!

Click on the trailer to view the highlights of Heart Binders Innovation’s Christmas Drama.